Dbs , Tbs , and D. U. bs

3. 18.20

If you want to borrow a KB for home WODS next week , let me know. At this time , we are still really focused on keeping the facility as clean as we can and I appreciate all your help with wiping the equipment down so well.

Thanks to all of you that are coming outside of class times to keep the class numbers lower. I really appreciate it.

If y Have fun , be safe , and we can get through this safely. Here is also a quick home workout if you like. The home wods next week will have a Kb in them.

Home WOD 3

Tabata 8 sets 20 sec work , 10 sec rest

jump rope

v ups


Group classes will proceed as usual

12 min AMRAP

10 db snatch alternating

10 db ohs ( any arm )

10 toes to bar

40 dubs