Fitness Challenge 2020 WOD

WOD 3 . 16 . 20

If you feel more comfortable working out outside of group classes , you can come outside of class time and do the workouts indepently. Open gym is anytime outside of group class times. Have fun , be safe , and we can get through this safely. Here is also a quick home workout if you like

Home WOD 1

10 rounds

8 push ups

10 alternating walking lunges

12 situps

Group classes will proceed as usual

For time

Run 500m run

50 wall balls

400m run

40 deadlifts 185 / 125

250m run

30 pullups (no butterfly). kipping or strict is ok.

100m run

20 burpee box jumps over 24 / 20

( warm up your run , then do a couple reps of each movement , slowly adding weight to your deadlift ).

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