What Our Gym Offers


Group Fitness Classes

These are functional fitness classes which are coach led from start to finish. No fitness experience required. Come for the workout stay for the community.



Personal Coaching

We have 3 choices to help you reach YOUR specific goals. Whether it is accountability , special programming or help scaling the workouts , we offer a personal coach to help you and keep you on the track you want to be on for your goals. 



CrossTown Kids

This program is designed to teach kids to think of exercise as fun. Each day will be an adventure. Jumping jacks, push ups, rope swings, cart wheels on top of functional movements to teach kids coordination and strength basics. This class is fun and safe to set your child on a lifetime path of fitness.

Tuesday and Thursday are for kids 7-12



50% of body composition is based on what you eat. We provide you goals , menus , checking in and the proper fuel to see the changes you desire.

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