Heavy and Doubles

WOD 12 . 27 . 17

Learning some of the skills in CrossFit can be frustrating. You see the WOD and you like all the moves , but that one move… double unders. Don’t let it get to you. Skills take time to develop. Some get it faster than others and all skills are attainable with the right attitude and mental fortitude. Even practicing for 5 minutes a day goes a long way. The easiest way to learn double unders is 1. get your own rope , that way you can get used your ropes length, weight and speed. 2. practice outside of class time. rarely have i seen an athlete master any skill during a workout. Usually you will find success practicing drills and skills in your time. Easiest way to master double unders… do 50 for time. Time it. Then repeat everyday. At first it will be all over the place. 4 minutes. 5 minutes. 3 minutes. Then after a week or so you will see your time get under 3 minutes consistently. Then under 2 minutes each time. Try it. What’s a few extra minutes a day to achieve double unders 🙂


2 squat cleans EMOM x 7 minutes , building as needed.

Straight into 1 squat clean on the 90 seconds for 7 reps , building to heavy single.



Heavy and Doubles.

15 Squat cleans 135 / 95

75 Double unders

12 Squat cleans

60 Double unders

9 squat cleans

45 double unders

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