House of the Rising Snatch

WOD 1 . 29 . 20

A. Work on your hang squat snatch – this will help you identify how heavy to go for the workout. Your squat snatch “should” be heavier than your power snatch. However, when first introduced to the snatch ( first 2 years ) this is not the case for most of us. Learning to pull your body under the bar into the overhead squat position takes practice , mobility , and more consistent practice. So today , use this time to practice the squat snatch until you can squat snatch more than you can power snatch…

For time

400m Run

27 Hang Snatch 95 / 65

400m run

21 hang snatch 115 / 75

400m run

15 hang snatch 135 / 85

400m run

9 hang snatch 155 / 95

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