Katie De Creme

WOD 10 . 9 . 17

” Katie De Creme ”

Happy Birthday Katie , Hope you have a great day! Katie started at CrossTown with a ton of functional fitness experience and was already really strong, with that, she has shown huge improvements to her fitness once she joined the ranks. Her gymnastics was all strict when she started so learning to kip took some patience, but she stuck to it and can kip really proficiently now, with still a little room for improvement 🙂 She learned to love the barbell overtime , where she was working out before at her prior gym, they did fitness without the use of a barbell. Now she even owns her own barbell and takes it with her on vacation to fitness! I admire her adaptation to the CrossFit culture with such grace and tenacity. Have a great WOD and lets kill it.

” Katie De Creme ”

5 Rounds

Run 400m

10 pull ups

10 Power clean 135 / 85

10 Toes to bar

9 Shoulder to overhead 135 / 85



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