9 – 11 TRIBUTE

There are a couple events in a generation that everyone remembers. Events like the JKF assassination , OJ Verdict , Columbine shooting and The terrorist attack of 9/11. I remember I was a Senior in High School and I was leaving for school when the news announced the initial crash. We watched the News in all my classes that day and watched the terrible events unfold. Still to this day I remember – as we should. Many people gave everything to help those that needed it. Today we do a tribute WOD to keep remembering this day and those brave heroes. Give it more than usual.

9/11 tribute

Teams of 2 – partition reps anyway you want. Only 1 person working at a time.

Buy In : 2001m Row

4 Rounds

9 Squat Clean Thrusters 155 / 115

11 Synchronized Burpees over the Bar

50m Partner carry Down switch and carry other person 50m back.

(Sub with 100m run with 20#wallball , each runs 100m with ball relay style)

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