We are doing an exendurance order on Wednesday ( Supplements ) . I choose to use these supplements from this company because I feel they are the best in the CrossFit industry. I have tried a lot. Free and paid for. Pharmacy grade, clean and effective. Below is a little tid bit about each one.

Also , the sales rep is giving a free shirt or tank for every order, so let me know your shirt size too on the order sheet. Sheet is out till Thursday afternoon. No minimum for the shirt or tank, just buy something.

Exendurance pills – take 3 a day morning and night, I usually take 2 and 2 unless I am competing on the horizon. $45

These pills buffer lactic acid pain. It works great . Reduces soreness tremendously. This is their flagship product and the product that put this company on the map.

Protien – whey protein supplement. Clean. Tasty. Comes in Vanilla and Chocolate. $60

Fuel 5 – Clean carbs for pre workout. Has a little kick ,but not overkill. Great for nutritional needs ( RP BABY ) and also a good fuel for your workouts. $45

Creatine – a brilliant creatine product. Take this regularly and you will get stronger in your lifts and ability to generate power from your muscles. $30

Hydrate – a good source of hydration and electrolytes while you workout or recover. $30

Omega 3 – A great supplement for joints and overal bodily functions. $25

I personally take the creatine, exendurance pills and omega. Lately I have been taking the Fuel 5 and notice a good jump in my game when I WOD. If you have questions ask the coaches. Real FOOD is always number 1 and supplements are just that ….supplementing your nutrition.

WOD 8 . 28 . 17

“Cliff Hanger ”


4 strict pullups

8 power snatch 115 / 75

32 Double Unders

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