Tabata Somethin Somethin

Tuesday the 23rd is the dunk final. This is the first time we tried going through the Holidays. I tried my best, stuck to my routine and will hopefully see a late christmas present of GAINZ. If not, good – will motivate me even more to get more disciplined. Remember , nutrition is the foundation for fitness. You are what you eat. If you train like a beast but eat like garbage – you will probably look like garbage. You cannot out eat a bad diet. Get on a program. A well balanced, proven, program from the 5000 online. Stick to it. Then continue training and watch the results melt away! Promise. Lets get after it this week.


WOD 1 . 22 . 18



Tabata Somethin Somethin

20 seconds ON and 10 Seconds Rest for 8 Rounds

Rest 2 min after each round. Score total reps for each movement over 8 rounds.

KB swing  70 / 53

Push Press 115 / 75

Pull Ups

Calorie Row

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