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Time Bomb

Workout 6 . 8 . 20

7 Rounds for max reps

1 min Max cal Bike 10 – 12 cals

1 min max shoulder to over head 10 reps each arm DB

1 min overhead walking lunge with a plate locked out overhead 10 steps

Rest 1 min


Head to Head

6 . 5 . 20

City of Moorpark has requested that we workout outside only till we get formal guidelines. The city found us a loophole to open up and in return they requested we do them a favor and only do group classes outside. The guidelines are coming very soon according to the State Government.

The workouts will still be awesome , fun and with everyone together we can still visit and get that community vibe.

Same class hours

” Head to Head “

20 min amrap

one person runs 400m while the other person performs the amrap

amrap while partner runs is

15 box jumps

15 push ups.

Score total reps in 20 min. May the best person win.


Turkey Race

6 . 2 . 20

We have been permitted to open and run classes. There will be restrictions and guidelines coming shortly , until then we will run classes as usual.

530 am

830 am ( if this class is crowded , it will be split and have a hard cap )

12 noon

330 kids

4 pm

515 pm

630 pm

Please bring all equipment back if you borrowed it so we can run classes with equipment.

Thank you to everyone that supported the gym through the lockdown , your generosity is truly appreciated more than you know.

Turkey Race

10 – 1

Push Jerk 95 / 65

front squat

run 100m