5 x 10 Back Squat


Every year, when the first open wod comes out , everyone is super pumped and since it is the only WOD out – you want to retest it. Everyone does the first WOD over – and some more than 2x! This WOD is definity a WOD that you can redo. It isn’t devastating to the muscles from a soreness viewpoint, It is not super heavy, and It is also 20 minutes long so there is a lot of time to get in one more rep – if not one more round. One less chalk break, one less breathe before getting on the rower, a little extra push here and there and you can beat your score. So If you wanna retest it, you can. Just get a judge and get after it. You can either redo 18.1 or the CrossTown WOD tomorrow. SCORES MUST BE ENTERED BY 5 PM TOMORROW.

WOD 2 . 26 . 18


5 sets of 10 Back Squat

Start a new set every 3 min.


Cash out

7 min AMRAP

10 wall balls

10 sumo deadlift high pull 95/65

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