Its here! The CrossFit Open is HERE! The first workout is a great first workout! It is long , not too technical , and overall a great crossfit workout. Do not go out too hard on this one. Settle into a pace. it is 20 min. break up the Toes to bar before you are forced to break them up. Use your hips for the hang clean and push press the shoulder to overhead. Loose grip on the row to save your grip. Have Fun! Here we go !

We will run the class in 2 heats. You will have a judge count your reps for you. If you cannot do one of the movements or the load you can go scaled. We are participating in the WORLD WIDE OPEN so we must sustain the same rules as everyone else. Keep your integrity.

WOD 2 . 23 . 18 

CrossFit Games Open WOD 18.1

20 min AMRAP

8 Toes to bar ( scaled – hanging leg raise )

10 DB Hang Clean to Overhead 5 R / 5 L  DB weight 50 / 35. Scaled 35 / 20

14 / 12 Calorie row


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