Winter Fitness Challenge is something I have been considering for a couple winters’ now. We will begin a fitness challenge before Thanksgiving and end at the end of January so it runs straight through the holidays. This is the ultimate way to stay focused and not make excuses through the holidays. It also will show you that staying on top of your game is important to you. By making fitness choices through the parties and social gatherings will show you that you are not like a tree in the wind that waivers and does whatever the wind blows it to do. You decide. You are held accountable to yourself. You will still have fun, eat bomb food, be merry , jolly, and everything else – you will just stay fit while doing it. You will also kick the door in for 2018 with 6 weeks of fitness behind you. Resolutions are for wimps, I been working since before Turkey day.

Sign ups at whiteboard. $100 for pre and post dunk. WOD to be announced soon.

WOD 11. 3 . 17

” Bikini Waxing ”


10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10

weighted pull up ( scale with strict pull ups )

1 sled push after each set ( light and short )


3 Rounds for time

90 double unders

60 ft walking lunge goblet hold with 53lb / 35lb KB

30 / 20 Pull ups

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