Going Commando

Congratulations to the Fitness Challenge Winner, Steve Hope!

Steve lost 4% body fat ! Huge ! He also took over a minute off his mile time and over 5 minutes off his total time!

Looking back on the challenge, I see where Steve was successful: He rarely missed a day. Shows up a half hour early every workout and primes his body. He listens to the coaches recommendations for modifying movements and proper weight for the barbell. He always gives 100% with taking good form into consideration. Congratulations , Keep up the great work!!

WOD 10 . 2 . 17

A. Find a heavy 2 Rep Thruster ( from rack )


” Going Commando ”


50 Back Squats 135 / 95

40 Strict Pull Ups

30 Push Jerks 135 / 95

Amrap meters on rower, ski erg or assault bike

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