Holleyman Ladder

WOD 10 . 26 . 18

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” HolleyMan Ladder ”


100m Medball Run 20 / 14

1 Round of Holleyman

100m Medball Run

2 Rounds of Holleyman

100m Medball Run

3 Rounds of Holleyman

100m Medball Run

4 Rounds of Holleyman

Keep this ladder going until 17 min expires.

1 Round of Holleyman is

1 Power clean 225 / 135


5 Wall Balls



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1 Response
  1. Gaby

    Loved today’s WOD! I was bummed I couldn’t make it but workouts like these make it easy to do at my home gym… best part is, I feel like these movements will improve the many parts that go into the snatch movement (a hard movement I love to improve on).
    Idk how the scoring for this was but here’s my guess:
    Gaby 6+ 8 , 30 pounds for the db snatches and lunges. (Pull up was done on the lateral pull at 55 pounds.)
    And for the lundges I did a total of 50 pounds with db (due to no barbelll)