Power Ball

WOD 1 . 3 . 18

Pre WOD rituals are important. Everyone’s bodies warms up a little different. For me, I need to voodoo floss my quads, and hamstrings before I tackle most workouts. Some need to do push ups for their shoulders. Others just need to hit the bike for 10 minutes. The point is there is a specific strategy for everyone, before the class warm up begins. Find yours. Get to class 10 minutes early and find your pre warm up- warm up. If you get to class as it is starting please stay with the class and not your own ” special ” warm up. Hope you have an idea of how to warm up your body and you can be primed and ready for the Pre warm up , warm up 🙂


Power clean

10 min EMOM x 3 reps touch and go


” Power Ball ”

5 Rounds for time

100m run

6 Power cleans 185 / 125

25 Wall Balls

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