If you looked back at your last 100 meals, how many out of 100 would be considered Fuel or clean or nutritious? How many would be considered “cheat”.  Hopefully the cheats are single digits and the clean are the rest if you want amazing results.  Habits take time. To get started you must have a plan. Planning your meals ahead of time is not just ” meal planning ” like you see on ridiculous people’s social media. It is a well thought-out walk through of your day and where and how you will get your meals in your life. For example, Monday through  Friday , I will bring my lunch, stop by the store on the way home from CrossTown to grab a meat and veggie to grill for dinner…. Think before you get caught hungry going through a drive through. Let’s make those cheat meals few and far between.  Proof is in the performance, and the lean body fat and flat stomach is the cherry on top.

WOD 9 . 18 . 17


“Press Wave ”

Strict Press

5 – 3 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 2

Use 60% press for all sets of 5

Use 70% press for all sets of 3

Use 75 – 80% press for all sets of 2

On the 2 minute.


“Cash out ”

” Quick and the Dead ”

5 Rounds

Run 250m

10 DB Clean and Jerks 50 / 35

” 12 min time cap “

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