Fitness Challenge 2020

Dunk lady will be here most of the day, you can still get dunked, its not too late to sign up.

Bring a suit and towel . The dunk process is done in a semi truck parked outside the gym. Only the dunk lady and you will be in the truck when you get dunked , dont worry.

In regards to the WOD , please please remember how you scaled or modified the WOD. So when you retest , you will be able to do exact same WOD.

Prizes Include : Reebok Shoes of your choice , CrossTown Swag , Whey Protein , Gift Cards for Meal delivery service and more to come as I keep gathering prizes.

WOD 1 . 21 . 20

Fitness challenge Chipper

500m Run

50 Wall Balls 20 / 14

400m Run

40 Deadlifts 185 / 125

250m Run

30 kipping pull ups ( no butterfly ) , strict ok. scale with jumping.

100m run

20 burpee box jump overs 24 / 20

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