Fundraiser WOD 2

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Today we are doing the second of 3 Fundraiser WODS to support your local box. These WODS really mean alot to box owners and CrossTown – thanks to those that support us.

WOD #2

For time

100 double unders

21 burpees

75 double unders

15 burpees

50 double unders

9 burpees

This one is FAST and should be done quick and fast.

Scale the dubs to singles or even to jumping jacks with reps of 50 – 35 – 20

scale the burpees to plank position instead of chest to floor – but keep reps the same.

Here is a link to buy the venutra county shirt to suuport local boxes including CrossTown CrossFit

Here is a link to buy a shirt by CrossFit HQ to support CrossTown CrossFit


Here is a link to be part of the worldwide support your local box competition.

Here are the zoom links – here you can get scaling options, warm ups, community , and motivation.



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Join URL:

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